Hello friends!

It’s been a busy month for those of us who are pulling Realm Makers: 2013 together (though this blog doesn’t reflect the level of activity. Or maybe it does, because getting the time to post to it is hard to come by!)

Lately, I’ve been working on confirming the course offerings people will be able to expect at the conference, and I’m very excited about everything we’re going to be able to offer. For example…

  • Does your fiction involve combat? You know, hand-to-hand, sword fights, grappling, and the like? Well, we’ll have a stage combat expert teaching how to incorporate well-crafted fights into your prose.
  • A seasoned author will be talking about what it’s like to write for a major science fiction franchise. Which one? I’ll give you a hint–a certain media mega-corporation with mouse ears just bought the franchise. And since this acquisition will be sure to bring sweeping change, this session will look into the future a bit about what that might look like.
  • Want to learn some tips and tricks to be a good critique partner? We’ll cover that.
  • How does worldview relate to speculative fiction? Here’s the content of this course as described by the presenter: “All Christian authors face certain questions about what, precisely, their purpose is. Must our stories be overtly Christian, and what would that look like anyway – moral characters, redemptive themes, overt presentations of the gospel? Are we free to show the fallen world as it is, to tell stories that don’t end well and where the characters reject the truth? In speculative fiction, it only gets more complicated, as we often create not only the characters and their stories, but the very rules of the universe in which they operate. Come along, then, and in this session we’ll wrestle together with the role of worldview in world-building.” (Super excited about this one, I must admit.)
  • Another big topic we’ll explore together: Why should Christians also write for the mainstream market? This promises to be a thought-provoking topic.

We’ll also talk about everything from blacksmithing to query letters, from flash fiction to collaborative projects. And we’ll be letting you know in the coming weeks what editors will be looking at manuscripts during the conference!

Look for further details to unfold over the next 6 weeks, and then for registration to go live at the beginning of May. If you haven’t already, tell your speculative fiction writing friends about what we’re doing. It’s bound to be a symposium of great minds and even greater fun.