realm_makers_t_shirt Several people have asked me if there is going to be Realm Makers swag available for folks who want to support the conference, and today, I can say the answer is “Yes!” Thanks to Jon Mills, who has supplied us with a fabulous logo, we’re able to start creating some fun merchandise to promote the conference. I’ve started with t-shirts and a key chain, but more merchandise should be forthcoming, such as pins and embroidered ball caps, and maybe patches. For now, if a t-shirt is your thing, you can get them in men’s and women’s sizes at: .

I’d love to hear your feedback as well…if you could choose an item upon which to display the Realm Makers logo, what would you be inclined to shop for? Let me know here in the comments, and I’ll look into what possibilities are out there.

And just for your information, proceeds from the Zazzle store will help to defray the costs of making The Faith and Fantasy Alliance into a non-profit organization.