Happy Memorial Day to our stateside readers who have hopefully been able to enjoy a three day weekend.

specfaith_headline_smallerPerhaps you’ve seen the news over at Speculative Faith, but in case you haven’t, the Faith and Fantasy Alliance is excited to announce that we have partnered with  Speculative Faith in sponsoring their recently re-established Clive Staples award for Christian Speculative Fiction. We will be announcing the winner of the award at this year’s Realm Makers conference. We’re so thrilled to partner with them, in fact, that the organization is making a significant contribution to the cash prize that will go to this year’s winner. Cash? “How much?” you may ask.

I’m here to answer that question: the prize for the winner of the 2013 Clive Staples award will be $250 cash, delivered at the conference (or by mail if the winner isn’t in attendance, of course. We’d surely love it if the finalists joined us, however.)

So keep an eye on the Clive Staples award. Visit the Clive Staples Award section of Speculative Faith’s site to learn how you can be part of the voting for the winner of this year’s contest. And better yet, reserve your spot at the Realm Makers conference so that you can be at the costume dinner, where the author who has garnered accolades for excellence will receive his or her prize.