The Parable Award Needs Your Input

A few weeks back, we announced the short list for the Parable Award for Excellence in cover design,Throne of Bones which included a selection of 12 Christian Speculative fiction titles. Since then, a panel of illustrators and graphic designers has judged that short list to whittle the field down to three covers. The Faith and Fantasy Alliance is excited to announce the final three in this selection process. The finalists for the award are:

GearBox Studio/Bill Johnson for The TellingThe Windrider Saga

Kirk DouPonce for A Throne of Bones


Christina Hess and Jon Mills for The Windrider Saga, Books I and II

Since the finalists were determined last week, the judging panel has proceeded to score these finalists according to a universal judging rubric to select the winner, who we will announce at the Realm Makers conference. The rubric asked The Tellingjudges to rate the books according to excellence of execution in the cover illustration or photography, excellence in typography, and overall effectiveness and “selling power” of the cover as a whole. Those scores have been tabulated, and much to our surprise…

We have a tie.

Now, I’m not going to tell you which two books the tie is between. But I am going to enlist your help, friends, readers, and industry contemporaries, to break this tie. How do you do that?

Take a close look at the covers for these three books. Use the poll here to vote for your favorite cover of the finalists between now and Sunday, July 28th, 11:59 PM EDT. The winner of the voting will receive 3 points, which will add onto their judges’ tabulated score. The second place cover will receive 2 points, and the third place cover will receive 1. Thus, we will be able to crown our winner next Friday at the Realm Makers costume dinner.

So don’t miss this chance to have a voice in what you think makes a great book cover, and be sure to tell your fantasy and science fiction loving friends to stop by as well.


(The poll has been removed–thanks for voting!)