This year’s Flash Fiction contest one for the books…a done deal. We’re very excited today to announce the winner of this event! The following are a few words from Avily Jerome, editor of Havok Magazine and the main contest judge. Read on to see whose entries came out on top.


Judging this contest was so much fun for me. I really enjoyed reading all the different types of stories that came from the same prompts. The diversity and the writing was fantastic all around.

Which, of course, made it incredibly difficult to judge. There wasn’t a single story that I couldn’t see potential in. So, everyone who entered, well done. Truly, fantastic job.

Unfortunately, this was a contest and they wouldn’t let me give away grand prizes to everyone, so after I finished my initial reading of all the stories, I had to go through, little by little, and narrow it down. Thirty-one stories, and with every one I cut, the decision got harder.

Finally, I was down to the top handful. By that point I had pretty much decided my top two favorites, but in the interest of being totally fair and unbiased, I sent my top seven to three different people for their input.

The result was nearly unanimous. All three of my extra readers had my top two in their top three favorites. They didn’t all have them in the same order, but they all agreed that they were the best of the best. So, based on that input, I came to my final decision.

Without further ado, I give you the winner of the 2014 Realm Makers Flash Fiction Contest,

Flash Fiction Contest Prompt_2Jenni Gallagher, for her story “A Matter of Time”

Congratulations, Jenni!

The two runners up, in order, are

Rebecca Postupak, for her story “Burn,” and Amy Williams, for her story “These Eyes.”

Again, well done everyone, and congratulations, Jenni!

According to the contest parameters, Jenni will receive a free registration to the 2014 conference, a cool t-shirt, and have her story printed in the conference booklet. The runners up will also have their stories printed in the booklet, and Rebecca gets a t-shirt as well.


Thanks for your participation, everyone. And remember, conference registration OPENS TOMORROW!