herald trumpetersWell, if you’re reading this as it goes out, that means you’re either in a time zone that runs later than Midnight EST (heck, you might even be in New Zealand, and then you’re completely in tomorrow, by my standards) or that you’re a night owl. But the exciting news you get to hear first: if you’ve been waiting for your chance to register for Realm makers: 2014…


Head to the Registration Page on the Realm Makers site. On that page, you’ll find the button that will take you to the registration form. Before you click that button, however, I recommend you scroll down the registration page to the conference FAQ, which might help to cover some questions you might have.

Once you register, the system will send you a confirmation email. If you opt for housing, we will be working on making room assignments over the next 6-8 weeks, but as soon as we know who you’re rooming with and have the housing information packet ready, we will send that out to you. (So look for that mid-to-late April. Housing is a complex job.)

Some of you may be wondering, “Will I be able to pitch my manuscript at Realm Makers?” The answer is, “Yes.” As of right now, we have confirmation from the following publishers that they will be taking appointments:

Marcher Lord Press

The Steve Laube Agency (Steve Laube)

Pelican Book Group (Sarah Grimm)

Splashdown Books (Grace Bridges)

Diminished Media Group (Randy Streu)

Castle Gate Press (Suzanne Hartmann and Phyllis Wheeler)

Taegais Publishing (Amy Deardon)

In the coming weeks, we will be posting more information on the Realm Makers site about these publishers and their submission requirements. For now, I recommend you browse their sites and get a feel for whether your project is a good fit for any of their needs.

I’m excited…in the word of Little Red Riding Hood from the Broadway show Into the Woods, “[This makes] me feel excited. Well excited and scared.” I look forward to see who will be joining us this year. If you’re not yet sure, take the leap! Join us on the adventure. You’ll be glad you did.