We’re starting a new weekly spotlight for the publishers attending Realm Makers this year (and actively taking pitches). This will give you the opportunity to see what they’re all about and figure out which ones are a good fit for you. On Mondays, we’ll post a blog post about the publisher, and then on either Tuesday or Thursday night, we’ll be hanging out on Facebook with them for about an hour so you can ask your own questions. Of course, we’ll let you know the exact date and time for each one.

Without further ado, Realm Makers presents . . . Splashdown Books!

Splashdown Books is a speculative fiction indie press that favours submissions from writers within the management’s known circles, which anyone is welcome to enter by online or personal interaction. Its titles have collected a dozen award recognitions to date. Splashdown is poised to become a premiere New Zealand press by virtue of its unique personal contact acquisitions method, author-team management structure, international vision, and determination for excellence.

1. Who will be attending the Realm Makers conference this year?

Grace Bridges – Owner and managing editor – Available for pitches and critiquing on schedule or PLEASE just grab me anytime! If your book isn’t ready to pitch, I’ll be happy to critique some printed pages for you.
Kat Heckenbach – Assistant editor in the area of YA/Paranormal/Fantasy
Travis Perry – Assistant editor for Avenir Eclectia/Anthologies

2. What kind of books does your company publish?

Science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, novels, anthologies, collections, open to new/experimental forms. I prize literary beauty above every other aspect.

3. What genres are you actively looking for at Realm Makers?

All of the above, but my particular love is science fiction, and stunningly beautiful writing will always win out no matter which of our genres.

4. What kinds of stories are you tired of seeing pitches/query letters for?

Overly allegorical; thinly disguised religious aspects; stories that aren’t ready (have not been critiqued or edited or in some cases even spell checked!) or that do not fit the genres we publish.

5. What should a writer bring with them to the pitch session?

Up to 5 printed pages of the beginning of your book; I will note critique items on them for you as time allows.
If you are pitching for publication, a 1-2 paragraph blurb is also helpful.

6. If you could have published any author throughout history, who would it have been and why?

I would pick Zenna Henderson, because as her publisher I would beg her to write more than she did. I love the simplicity of the words she uses to build an intense, moody ambiance and the feeling of knowing those places and people. Worth a read for anyone wanting to expand their horizons.

Grace will be joining us for the Facebook Q&A on Thursday, 4/24 at 8 p.m. EST. Bring your questions, your thinking cap, and your fun personalities–just be sure to be there!