This week, we are excited to welcome new publisher, Crosshair Press. Founders Amy Williams and Katie Morford will be joining us tomorrow for the Q&A! Without further ado, here’s their post.

Crosshair Press is a small independent publisher dedicated to quality, character-focused fiction with high action and moral or spiritual dilemmas. We are four friends who love great characters and thought-provoking stories so much that we formed a critique group and, after Jeff Gerke’s challenge at last year’s Realm Makers, we decided to start a small press together. We’re all grown or converted geeks who love spec-fiction (just not gooey green aliens) and desire to share Truth with the world through a medium people can engage with and understand.
1. Which people from the company are attending the Realm Makers conference

Amy Williams and Katie Morford (the other founders Amy Davis and Carrie Lemke aren’t able to make it) this year

2. What kind of books does your company publish?
We’ll take any genre as long as it has action and a spiritual or moral dilemma. Personally, we’re all partial to speculative fiction, but as a publisher we accept all genres.

3. What genres are you actively looking for at Realm Makers?
We’ll consider any speculative fiction genre, except horror or hard science fiction, especially stories with a lot of humor. We’ve already set the titles to release in 2015, so we’re not actively seeking manuscript submissions at this Realm Makers. However, we’re looking to build relationships with authors we may want to work with in the future.

4. What kinds of stories are you tired of seeing pitches/query letters for?
Stories with one-dimensional or cardboard characters. Bring us characters with real problems and villains who’ve made a choice.

5. What should a writer bring with them to the pitch session?
We would like to hear an “elevator” pitch and to see a first chapter, as well as a synopsis if you have one. Also come prepared to answer questions about your story and marketing ideas.

6. Do you have any books releasing soon that you are really excited about?
Funny you should ask! We have three books releasing at the end of the year and the beginning of 2015.

Nameless — the first in a science fiction time travel trilogy about a girl who lost her memory, an ex-assassin whose past catches up with him, and an eclectic crew of bounty hunters who save the day despite themselves. (Dec. 2014)

The Katiller — a high-octane mix of political thriller action and snarky one-liners, as a team of Turkish hit men goes rogue and makes unlikely allies in three American women trying to escape the Arabic Nation’s takeover of Europe. (Jan. 2015)

Romantic Comedy — Hilarity and hover-round chases ensue when a single 30-something church secretary teams up with everyone’s favorite geeky guy and the most awkward church singles group ever to save a prostitute they’ve befriended and break up a Midwest crime ring. (Feb. 2015)


Thank you, ladies, for telling us a bit about Crosshair Press!

Amy and Katie will be joining us on the Realm Makers’ Facebook page TOMORROW (Tues., 4/29) at 8 p.m. for another Q&A session. Come and get to know them better!