Pelican logoWe are thrilled to welcome Pelican Book Group to our blog this week. Sarah Grimm will be joining us for our Q&A session TOMORROW night. 

Pelican Book Group’s primary ministry is to publish quality fiction that reflects the salvation and love offered by Jesus Christ. Our titles adhere to mainline Christianity, but are enjoyed by Christians and non-Christians, alike.
1. What kind of books does your company publish? 
All genres of Christian fiction. Of our four imprints, Harbourlight (adult fiction) and Watershed (YA fiction) accept the sci-fi and fantasy genres and all their quirky sub-genres. Of course, if you’d like to pitch some other fiction genre, we take that, too.
2. What genres are you actively looking for at Realm Makers? 
I love anything fantasy or sci-fi (especially YA). Really it’s my kind of fiction, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing some great new stories.
3. What kinds of stories are you tired of seeing pitches/query letters for? 
Honestly, I don’t like a generic pitch. Tell me something that sets your story apart. If it’s the story of a chosen one who kills a dragon to save the princess, what makes it different from all the others like that?
4. What should a writer bring with them to the pitch session? 
I’d like to see a sample of the writing, so the first five pages. A one-sheet is also nice so I can see the pitch and brief synopsis.
5. Do you have any books releasing soon that you are really excited about? 
Katie Clark’s Vanquished is coming out this year. It’s a YA dystopian, the first in its series, and it’s awesome.
6. What are your top 3 tips for writers? 
Write what you love. Find critique partners who will push you to bring your story to its full potential. And edit the way you’d pack if you could only take one small suitcase. 

Thank you, Sarah! Join us tomorrow (Tuesday, 5/6) at 8 p.m. for more questions and answers from the lovely Sarah Grimm.