card logoThis week is our last publisher spotlight! Can you believe Realm Makers is just under 3 weeks away. Wait–calm down. I didn’t mean to freak anyone out. Breathe.

Anyway, this week, we’re highlighting Taegais Publishing. Amy Deardon, founder, will be joining us tomorrow night for the Q&A. More info at the end of the post. Read on!


Taegais Publishing LLC was founded in 2008 for self-publishing owner Amy Deardon’s two books. God blessed the company and her book sales. Taegais opened as a traditional advance-paying publisher in 2012, and has also opened a subsidiary for formatting print and e-books for those who wish to self-publish (
1. Which people from the company are attending the Realm Makers conference?

Amy, president and owner
Emily, artistic and marketing director
2. What kind of books does your company publish?

As a new publisher, we are actively seeking new titles. So far we have published novels, children’s science, and how-to books.
3. What genres are you actively looking for at Realm Makers?

We are interested in great writing. Taegais is open to family-friendly genres, especially thoughtful fiction, speculative fiction, and how-to nonfiction.
4. What kinds of stories are you tired of seeing pitches/query letters for?

We won’t consider either heavily denominational works (eg Calvinist, fundamentalist, so-called evils of the Catholic church) or end-times topics. We’re not fans of straight romance or poetry, although will look at it.
5. What should a writer bring with them to the pitch session?

Amy says: The first question I always ask is: what is your book about? I like to hear a succinct 15-20 word description and a 3-4 sentence elevator pitch that captures the story idea so I can quickly understand it. Keep in mind that I used to work as a scientist so appreciate organized communication of information.

I’ll also want to know if your book is complete, why you wrote it, what future do you envision for it, what is your platform, and anything else you think is relevant. Bring a one page synopsis and the first 10-15 pages.

6. What are your top 3 tips for writers?

Amy says,

Here are three common problems I see in newbie fiction manuscripts and self-published books:

Tip #1: Make sure you’re writing a story and not just description or action. Every story, and every scene in a story, should have a GOAL, STAKES and OBSTACLES. Forward story motion is the key.

Tip #2: Polish your words. Cut the extra verbiage, phrase sentences in active not passive voice, state thoughts only once, and in all ways make your words shine. Join a critique group since the members will often see problems that you miss.

Tip #3: Remember that the end-point of publishing your words is not holding the book in your hands, but getting your book into others’ hands. Research and plan marketing techniques (keywords, topics), and build your platform. Most importantly, for self publishers wait until your book is ready to meet the public before you release it. I’ve met too many self-published authors who were deeply disappointed when they let their book go too soon.


Thank you, Amy, for joining us today. Amy will be with us again tomorrow (5/13) night at 8 p.m. EST on the Realm Makers’ Facebook page. See you there!