piggy-bank-on-moneyCan you believe the Realm Makers conference is in just over 2 months? Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time (and space) to register. If you’re still on the fence, especially for financial reasons, never fear! We’ve comeup with 20 ways to earn enough money to pay for the conference in less than 2 months.

Look over the list and pick the ones that are easiest for you, then keep trying other choices until you’ve reached your goal! For the more long-term suggestions, take them under consideration for Realm Makers 2016.

  1. Set aside an affordable portion of money each month. (This probably won’t work for the 2015 conference, but definitely a smart way to start saving for next year!)
  2. Do odd jobs:
    1. Babysit
    2. Yard work
    3. Cleaning houses
    4. Work a seasonal job (farms, retail, etc.)
    5. Work overtime at your day job (if available)
  3. Sell things online or to consignment shops:
    1. eBay
    2. Etsy
    3. Amazon
    4. Craigslist
    5. Gazelle (gadgets and the like)
    6. Plato’s Closet (clothes)
  4. Rent out property you own to others who may need to use it for a short time:Lawnmower
    1. Weed whacker
    2. Bicycle
    3. Car (do this at your own risk and consult and insurance professional first)
    4. Other useful property
  5. Host a sale:
    1. Bake sale
    2. Garage/yard sale
    3. Grow your hair out and sell it
  6. Peddle a skill:
    1. Teach a class
    2. Tutor
    3. Submit articles to magazines/write for anthologies
  7. Utilize rewards:
    1. Cash back/Credit card points
    2. Airline miles
  8. Donate plasma.
  9. Become a medical test subject.
  10. Find an online survey site that pays for filling out surveys.
  11. Set aside change in a jar. Cash it in when it gets full and stick it somewhere safe.
  12. See if there are any research panels in your area.
  13. Take advantage of price matching and coupons.
  14. Ask for gift cards to places you regularly shop and put the money you save toward the trip.
  15. Skip a meal or two every week, or cut back on general food consumption. You can use it as a time to fast and pray for the conference, for your writing career, or for whatever you like. Fasting is a legitimate spiritual discipline.
  16. Buy in bulk to save money over the long run:
    1. Sam’s Club
    2. Costco
  17. Shop at discount stores for groceries for a set period of time:
    1. Aldi’s
    2. Save-a-Lot
    3. Walmart
  18. Buy store brands instead of name brands for products you regularly use.
  19. Cut down on–or cut out–unnecessary things such as:
    1. Movies in the theater
    2. Starbucks
    3. Fast Food
    4. Snacks
    5. Sodas (Drink water!)
    6. Gasoline (carpool to work or take public transportation)
  20. Simply ask people who love you and believe in you for the money. Explain to people why this is important to you. You’ll be amazed how people will be willing to invest.

** A good financial principle is to take the money that you’re saving as cash and stick it in an envelope or in a separate bank account. Spending is easy when you do so via plastic. Less so when it’s cash.

Hopefully, this list got your creative brain firing on all synapses. Put together a plan and get to work! Realm Makers 2015 is already shaping up to be the biggest and best conference we’ve had yet. We’d hate for anyone to miss out.

What are some ways that you save money for big expenses like a writing conference?

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