Denmark-48_with_credits_smWhile she may be the daughter of fantasy novelist Donita K. Paul, she’s an experienced and talented writer in her own right. Today, we’re happy to welcome another one of our speakers for Realm Makers 2015, Evenageline Denmark!


1. You have a book coming out in 2016 from Blink/Harper Collins. Tell us a little about it!


Curio is a Young Adult Steampunk Fantasy set in the West at the turn of the century.

When Grey’s father is arrested for a crime she committed, Grey escapes into an enchanted world within a curio cabinet. Among the living curios—beautiful, cruel porcelains and clever tick-tocks—Grey searches for the one person who can help her get home and save her father.

She finds the only other human in Curio, a boy named Blaise. But he’s in disguise, embroiled in a revolution, and reluctant to remember his past in Grey’s world. To get home, Grey must band with freedom fighters, escape the grasp of the obsessed porcie ruler, and uncover the incredible secret of her own identity. A secret as connected to Blaise as the mark on his skin—a mark Grey also possesses.

The prequel to Curio, Mark of Blood and Alchemy will be available as an ebook in October of this year.
2. Do you have a writing process or schedule?


I try to write while my boys are at school, but the summer months are tricky. That’s when noise-cancelling headphones come in handy.


3. Where do you typically write? Do you have an office or are you usually on the couch/bed/kitchen table?


I have a very messy desk in the corner of a very messy office. I usually write there but sometimes, if I need a change of scenery, I sit in our front room where I can get a glimpse of the mountains.


4. What was it like working with your mom on the 2 children’s books you two published?


We had so much fun thinking up the Dragon and Turtle stories and bouncing them back and forth between our brains and our laptops. We are both picture book lovers, so seeing our own children’s stories come to life in book form was truly wonderful.


5. Evangeline’s Faves:


Food: cheese
Color: red
Book: Jane Eyre
Movie: Penelope


6. What do you hope writers will learn from your continuing education class on world building?


I hope attendees will come away from our class even more in love with their characters and story and enchanted by their story world. I love the brainstorming process and the moments when one idea trips into another and another and your mind lights up with possibilities. Hopefully, the writers who join us will find their creativity kindled as we delve into world building.


7. Do you have any advice for new attendees?


Beware of diseased wombats.


What? We haven’t had any diseased wombats at our conference since the first year. I mean–thank you, Evangeline, for your fun answers!