Once upon a time, in the place of St. Louis, friends of the Realm Makers gathered together in an event like none have seen before. Knowledge and inspiration were shared among the clan openly and freely. Relationships were formed, enriched, and sealed. Each person finding a place to belong. As we all said farewell to return once again to our homes, one question remained.

“Hey, do you know where and when Realm Makers will be next year?”

Well, we finally have an answer. Roll up your sleeves, start digging through the closet for stuff to sell, look under the couch cushions for that loose change–we have the first major details, folks!


Exact venue negotiations are ongoing, but will be tightened down shortly

Now that YOU are in the know, help us get the word out! Feel free to copy the picture above (or look for it on Facebook) and then share on your social media and blogs. We have some exciting ideas for next year, and we hope to see a lot of old faces AND as many new ones as we can bring into the fold. There are other writers like us out there–let’s help them find their home!

For all those newbies who may be stopping by, how about some testimonials from the alumni? Leave your best Realm Makers experience in the comments!