First there was the Christy Awardss, then there was the Carol Awards . . . and now Realm Makers brings you ________. Oh, right, there’s no name yet. WE NEED YOUR HELP! This year, Realm Makers is excited to announce that we are designing our own awards program. There will be lots of information in the coming months about the different categories, who can enter, and how. Today, though, we have a more important task!


And what better way to name an award than to have a contest. Yes, we thought that was rather genius to.

Here’s how the contest will work:

Submissions will be open for until NOON EST on Thursday, November 19, 2015. To submit, just leave your suggestion in the comments below and make sure that there is an e-mail address.

Our committee will narrow it down to the Top 10 (assuming there are at least 10 submissions).

On Friday, November 20, we’ll post a poll for you, the readers and writers, to vote on. The voting will be open through Thanksgiving.

On Black Friday, we’ll announce the official name for our Book of the Year Award. The winning submission will win one of the black Realm Makers T-shirts and their choice of one of the Early Bird sessions at the 2016 conference for free! (Everybody cheer!)

So, what do we need right now?

Names, names, names! Submit your ideas before its too late. Leave your entry in the comments below.