Welcome back, Spekkies, to our Getting to Know You series! Today we’re sitting down with Ben Wolf, Gretchen Engle, and Kristen Stieffel.

Ben Wolf

What do you do for Realm Makers? 

Wow. Tough one. I’m not being facetious, either. Forgive this for being in third person.

Ben Wolf helps RM make connections that would normally be difficult to access in both the Christian and general markets. He networks on behalf of RM and also serves as one of RM’s conference emcees. Behind the scenes he occasionally fundraises for RM by locating and bringing in sponsors, and he is responsible for helping to book 3 of the last four RM keynote speakers.

He also assists in bringing potential faculty members to RM, and he serves on the planning committee. In general, Ben works to fill gaps, push for responses, and make sure RM grows and continues to provide excellent quality conferences and other offerings to our constituents.

Ben’s Bio:

Ben Wolf founded Splickety Publishing Group (SPG) to meet the needs of busy folks like him: people who appreciate great fiction but don’t have much time to read. SPG offers three quarterly flash fiction magazines: Splickety Prime (multi-genre), Havok (speculative fiction), and Splickety Love (romance).Ben has written six action/adventure novels and has multiple other projects in the works. His first novel, Blood for Blood, won the 2015 Cascade Award and has been characterized as “bold…with nonstop tension” and “hard to put down” and asks, “What if a Vampire got saved?”

You can follow him on Twitter or on Facebook.


Gretchen Engle

 What do you do for Realm Makers?

Gretchen is the housing coordinator. She assigns rooms, and makes sure everyone knows the check in, and checking out processes. So when you lie down at night, you can thank Gretchen for assigning you the room next to the magical unicorn who hands out chocolate.

Gretchen’s Bio: 

In high school, Gretchen E K Engel competed to write her English teacher’s favorite essays and earn highest marks in physics. Science won over the arts, and Gretchen became a chemical engineer. An environmental consultant by day and speculative fiction writer by night, she has authored hundreds of technical documents, several short stories and a manuscript set in the quasi-dystopian world of high school. Gretchen’s website is gretchenekengel.com. She also blogs at New Authors’ Fellowship and The Scriblerians.

Kristen Stieffel

kristen-stieffel-media-5What do you do for Realm Makers?
Kristen is our Registrar. That’s a technical term for the spreadsheet jockey who keeps track of who registered when and for what conference add-ons like the Early Bird Workshop. If you run into any technical glitches while registering, she’ll help you troubleshoot them. She’ll be responsible for putting together attendee packets and name tags, and when you arrive, you will probably see her first since she’ll be manning the registration table.

Kristen’s Bio:
Kristen Stieffel is a freelance editor specializing in speculative fiction and is associate editor of Havok, a flash fiction magazine focused on SpecFic. She provides a full range of editorial services and has worked on a variety of projects, including novels in many genres for both the general market and the Christian submarket. Kristen is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and Christian Editor Connection. Website: kristenstieffel.com.