Today we welcome Steve Laube, owner of Enclave Publishing, to sit down with us and answer a few questions.
1. How did you get into writing (editing, publishing,etc)?
I’ve been in the industry for 35 years as a bookseller, editor, publisher, and agent. I founded the agency in 2004. And bought what is now Enclave Publishing in 2014.
2. What are you most looking forward to at Realm Makers?
3. What draws you to speculative fiction?
The power of this genre to explore new ideas without having them blow up in your face. Anything is possible. As such it reflects the creativity of God who made creatio ex nihilo happen.
4. Who is your favorite speculative fiction Hero(ine)?
Impossible to answer. It’s like asking which of my three daughters is my favorite. Or which agency client is my favorite.
5. When did you know this was the field for you?
I’ve been a fan of the genre for over 40 years. When I read Mysterious Island by Jules Verne at the age of 10 I was hooked. Later it At the Earth’s Core by Edgar Rice Burroughs that started the journey.
6. Will you be dressing up for the conference’s Costume Dinner? 
7. Coffee or Tea?
Tea. I never acquired the taste for coffee and grew up in a “tea with honey” household.
8. What as your favorite TV show as a kid? What is it now?

As a kid => “Time Tunnel” – “Mission Impossible” (only the Peter Graves years) – “Lost in Space” – “The Munsters” – “Combat!” – “The Wild Wild West” – “The Rat Patrol” – and Saturday morning cartoons…. etc.

Today? NFL, NBA, and MLB games.


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my photo wide 2010Steve Laube, a literary agent and president of The Steve Laube Agency, has been in the book industry for over 35 years, first as a bookstore manager where he was awarded the National Store of the Year by the Christian Booksellers Association. He then spent over a decade with Bethany House Publishers and was named the Editor of the Year. He later became an agent and has represented nearly 1,000 new books and was named Agent of the Year by ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers). He was also inducted into the Grand Canyon University Hall-of-Fame by their College of Theology. In addition, he is the president and owner of Enclave Publishing. His office is in Phoenix, Arizona.