Greetings, Spekkies and welcome back! Today we’re delving into the mind of the illustrious Kathy Tyers!

Welcome Kathy!

1. How did you get into writing (editing, publishing, agent position etc)?
I started writing in the summer of 1983, due to an inspiring configuration of events: “Return of the Jedi” came to the theaters that summer, the U.S.Air Force Thunderbirds arrived in town for an airshow, and my two-year-old son took nice long naps, giving me plenty of time to daydream a Star Wars fan novel of my own. It never was published as a Star Wars novel, but savvy readers will notice certain things about my first book, FIREBIRD….
2. What are you most looking forward to at Realm Makers?
 Meeting more of the smart, enthusiastic creative Christian people I love to spend time with. Also, seeing dear friends again.
3. What draws you to speculative fiction?
Hope. Delight. Wonder. Deep truth dressed up to play.
4. Who is your favorite speculative fiction Hero(ine)?
Just one? You can’t be serious. Frodo. Miles Vorkosigan. Reepicheep. Linh Cinder. Father Elijah. Galadriel. And lots of others who don’t come to mind just now.
5. When did you know this was the field for you?
When I discovered the Junior High section at the Dana Branch Public Library in Long Beach, California, as a fifth grader. Ben Bova’s first novel, THE STAR CONQUERORS, switched on the lights.
6. Will you be dressing up for the conference’s Costume Dinner? 
Currently, I plan to come as a Starving Author. My favorite costume is difficult to pack.
7. Coffee or Tea?
English or Irish breakfast tea, with a big sploot of almond milk.
8. What was your favorite TV show as a kid? What is it now?

The first show I remember was “Space Angel.” Currently, it’s Downton Abbey.







New York Times bestselling author Kathy Tyers Gillin developed her editorial skills over thirty-plus years of writing and publishing fiction and nonfiction. Her original titles include the Firebird series, two licensed Star Wars © Expanded Universe novels, Shivering World, Crystal Witness, and One Mind’s Eye.  The final novel in her Firebird science fiction series, Daystar, won the Carol Award for speculative fiction from American Christian Fiction Writers in 2013.
Now specializing in freelance editing, Kathy has seen her clients place their books with major and smaller publishing houses in both Christian and secular markets, and some have published independently. Many of her recently published editing projects have been speculative fiction or scholarly nonfiction. She has taught for the Christian Writers Guild and the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference, specializing in coaching fiction writers to utilize deep, limited third-person point of view. Her clientele includes authors from the US, Canada, England, Scotland, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand.
Kathy’s website is She also maintains a recipe and information blog for the Low-FODMAP diet for IBS at