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It’s may be April Fool’s Day, but this ain’t no joke. That day you’ve been waiting for over the last few months is finally here. Realm Makers 2016 is now open for registration.

But, first, what are some of the benefits of this year’s conference?

  1. Who better to help you reach that next step in your career than someone who’s been there, done that and has the knowledge? An excellent faculty line-up, including such fabulous publishing professionals and authors as Thomas Locke, Tosca Lee, Kathy Tyres, Steve Laube, Julie Gwinn, and many more! Not to mention the fact that you can get appointments with some of the editors and agents LOOKING for speculative fiction.
  2. Who better to lament the path to publishing, writer’s block, and life getting in the way of writing than your fellow writers? More than that, who better to discuss time travel theories, magic systems, and world-building than fellow speculative fiction writers? We had 150 attendees last year, and expect more this year! It’s like a playdate with all of your best friends.
  3. This year we’ll be on the lovely grounds of Villanova University. To get from the dorms to the main building we’ll be in for the conference, you have to cross under the railroad tracks through an old brick tunnel. Perfect setting for a spec fic video, don’t you think? Especially when we’re in our costumes!
  4. Which brings me to #4! The highly anticipated, all out fun time had at the annual Costumed Awards Banquet. Last year, I hung out with Hermoine, Maleficent, Agent Carter, as well as characters from Star Wars and other various movies, books, and more. And can I tell you how cool some of the steampunk costumes were–complete with decorated Nerf guns? Uh–yeah.
  5. If that hasn’t convinced you what a fabulous experience Realm Makers is, let’s talk about the price. Most conferences similar to ours cost anywhere from $500-$700 WITHOUT rooms. Our conference is only $299 to start. We stay in the dorms of the university and eat in their dining hall, which keeps the added prices way down! All you have to do is figure out how to get there. (Car pool, anyone?)

11222178_970304069666572_3438197678806937294_nAre you ready?

It’s time.

CLICK HERE to get to the registration form. 

Are you coming to Realm Makers this year? What are you looking forward to?