Today we are so pleased to be interviewing Kara, who is a new editor to Realm Makers this year.

Welcome to the blog, Kara!

How did you get into publishing?
My adventure into the publishing actually started on a whim. I was (still am) a stay-at-home mom and when my youngest started pre-school, I was home alone and quite bored. I’d just finished the last new novel I had and
didn’t have anything else to read, so I decided to try my hand at writing
my own story. Once I really devoted the necessary time and energy into
learning about publishing, I was in love. I knew this was exactly where I
was supposed to be.

My first paid editing position began in 2013, which is where I met Eden
Plantz, Executive Editor of Anaiah Press. We hit it right off and worked
very well together. When the publisher closed, Eden mentioned she had a
new opportunity I might be interested in. We talked a lot about Anaiah and
our personal / professional goals. Once again, I knew this was where I was
supposed to be. As they say, the rest is history 🙂

What are you most looking forward to at Realm Makers?
Everything! This is my first time attending, so I’m super excited to meet
everyone and learn some new stuff. And I’m really looking forward to
chatting one-on-one with authors about their books.

What draws you to speculative fiction?
The unknown. I deal with quite a bit of romance and there’s a very
specific “formula” that happens, and 99% of the time, you know it’s going
to end in a happily ever after. With speculative fiction, there’s a lot
more freedom to do something completely unexpected. And I absolutely LOVE
the spiritual warfare that’s common in this genre.

 Who is your favorite speculative fiction Hero(ine)?
I’m a big fan of Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti, and I don’t think either of
them have written a character I didn’t like. I’m also a fan of the Left
Behind Series, although I did not care for the recent movie remake.

When did you know this was the field for you?
The moment I started in publishing, I knew it was the right field for me.
As for speculative fiction specifically… Honestly, romance has always
been my area of expertise, but once I joined Anaiah and we put plans in
place to have a line that would cater to this genre, I really studied it
in more depth and I was hooked.

Will you be dressing up for the conference’s Costume Dinner?
Um…there’s a Costume Dinner? I was unaware of this until just now. lol.
I’m always game for a good costume party. Count me in! Although, I don’t
know what my costume will be just yet.

Coffee or Tea?
Neither. I’m a Pepsi gal all the way.

What as your favorite TV show as a kid? What is it now?

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Scooby Doo! Now? Hmm…That’s a tough one. I watch a LOT of TV. My top three are: The X-Files, The Vampire Diaries, and Dance Moms.

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Thanks for sitting down with us, Kara! We can’t wait to get to know you even better at the conference.
karaKara combines her knowledge and prior editing experience with a passion
for the written word. She’s worked as an acquiring editor for three years;
first with Entranced Publishing, briefly with Rogue Phoenix Press, and now
with Anaiah Press. Additionally, she sometimes works as a freelance editor
while also penning her own stories. With eclectic tastes that range from the tame to the taboo, she has a soft spot for stories that gut punch her with emotion. Bonus points if you can make her cry!