Welcome back, Spekkies. Today we are delving into the mind of author C.W. Briar. Enjoy!

What are you most looking forward to about this year’s conference?

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It was a wonderful experience to meet and talk with everyone last year. I’m looking forward to hanging out with the Realmies again. Also, Philly cheese steaks.
Will you be coming in costume to the Awards Banquet?

Just ordered my mask yesterday.
Favorite movie as a child?
Jurassic Park came out when I was in middle school. I watched it sooo many times.
You have a free weekend. What do you do with it?
Any weekend spent writing, relaxing with my wife and kids, and teaching apologetics is a great weekend.
Are you a gamer? What games do you enjoy and why?

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Sadly, I had to cut back on gaming when I got serious about writing. I love games with creativity, adventure, great story, and unique experiences. My favorite is Dark Souls, not just because of the challenge but also the inspiring designs. I have Dark Souls wallpapers on my computer, and I listen to the soundtrack while writing.
What was the inspiration behind your most recently published work?
I have a self-published anthology coming out this summer. Most authors claim to be character or plot-centric, but my muses are honestly ideas. My characters and plots live out the philosophical and theological concepts that I wrestle with, such as light being horror to darkness.
Why do you write Speculative Fiction, and what draws you to it?
All fiction is, to some extent, speculation about “what if?” Speculative fiction offers the freedom to do that to the fullest. It’s a great platform for suspense, raising questions, and engaging our neglected senses of wonder. Plus monsters are cool.
Name one piece of writing advice someone has given you that really shone out and helped you.
I dreaded editing and saw it as the labor of proofreading after the fun, creative parts of writing. Larry Leech once said in a writing class, “Learn to love editing,” and it clicked. There was more to it than that in his class, but that was the moment when I saw editing has its own type of creativity, and that relying on it takes away the stress of getting prose right the first time.
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C.W. Briar writes in a variety of speculative fiction genres. His stories commonly include suspense, monsters, an undercurrent of themes, and a dash of supernatural horror. His SpecFic anthology, Wrath and Ruin, releases this summer. He is also finishing an epic fantasy novel.
Briar is a graduate of Binghamton University. He lives in Upstate NY with his wife, 3 kids, and 2 Pembroke Welsh Corgis. He has worked as an engineer on planes, helicopters, and trains.