Welcome Spekkies!

Have you been wondering what publishers and agencies are going to be represented at Realm Makers? Are you puzzling over what to say at an appointment? Well we can help! Today we’re beginning a Get To Know series featuring the publishers and agents who will be with us this year at Realm Makers.

So without further ado, let’s begin. 

my photo wide 2010Steve Laube of Enclave Publishing

Tell us a little about your company:

Our agency has been around for over 12 years. There are four agents in the firm representing nearly 250 authors. We represent all types of books both fiction and non-fiction. Check our agency guidelines for specifics.

I also serve with the title of Publisher for Enclave Publishing, an imprint of Gilead Publishing. Enclave is dedicated to publishing the best speculative fiction written from authors with a Christian worldview.

What genres are you looking for at Realm Makers?

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Supernatural.enclave_logo_red-570x672

What do you expect attendees to bring to the appointment?

A proposal that shows a quick overview of the story idea. And at least a sample chapter or two so there is something to read if time allows.


Steve’s Bio: Steve Laube, a literary agent and president of The Steve Laube Agency, has been in the book industry for over 35 years, first as a bookstore manager where he was awarded the National Store of the Year by the Christian Booksellers Association. He then spent over a decade with Bethany House Publishers and was named the Editor of the Year. He later became an agent and has represented nearly 1,000 new books and was named Agent of the Year by ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers). He was also inducted into the Grand Canyon University Hall-of-Fame by their College of Theology. In addition, he is the president and owner of Enclave Publishing. His office is in Phoenix, Arizona.

Janeen Ippolito of Uncommon Universe Press



Company Info: Uncommon Universes Press is dedicated to publishing speculative stories with unique world-building, memorable characters, and a Christian worldview. We were brought together by Janeen Ippolito, an experienced entrepreneur, author, and English teacher. We’re driven, and we take our work seriously (but not too seriously). We believe in the power of small presses to promote fresh ideas in the market, while actually turning a profit. We’re passionate about partnering with authors to bring their visions to life and connecting with the speculative fiction community at large.

What Genres are you looking for at Realm Makers? Speculative fiction, from portal fantasy to hard science fiction to mythology to paranormal romance. Whether set on earth or in another realm, we want to see your imaginative world-building. We’re also looking for great characters who push the plot and feel as real as the person next door. Wrap everything up in an exciting speculative or horror/suspense story (with romance or danger or mystery or drama or humor, etc.) and we’re happy campers.

Note: we’re definite fans of nonhuman or extra-human characters (fairies, aliens, etc), and new takes on existing mythologies and stories. If you have something that you think is too weird, too quirky, or not ‘Christian’ enough, feel free to bring it along. If you have uncommonsomething more ‘standard’ like a medieval world, a unique twist is necessary.

Expected of Attendees: for proposals, please have a standard one sheet (no specified format), a summary of your story (structure including a few sentences labeling exposition, inciting incident, key plot points, climax, resolution), and the first three pages. We’ll also meet with people who have unfinished manuscripts or cool ideas to work out, as we enjoy establishing connections and offering feedback.

Note: we are open to publishing manuscripts that were previously indie-published.

Janeen’s Bio: Janeen Ippolito is an English teacher by day, a sword-fighter by night and a writer by heart. She’s also the founder of Uncommon Universes Press and the author of World-Building From the Inside Out. She has a B.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies, Writing, and ESL and has a passion for using humor and cultures in speculative fiction. In her spare time she makes brownie batter, reads, and watches speculative television shows. One of her goals in life is to eat a fried tarantula.

TJ da Rosa of Jolly Fish Press


Tell us about your company: We are Jolly Fish Press, a publishing house based in Provo, Utah, which publishes trade fiction and select non-fiction books in the national and international market. We excel in exceptional cover design, worldwide online and brick-and-mortar distribution, expansive publicity and marketing campaigns, subsidiary rights representation, and most of all, our drive and ability to find exceptional, yet undiscovered authors, jumpstarting their careers with maximum exposure, sales, mentoring, and higher than industry average royalty rates.
In less than a year into our first full title list, we’ve accomplished what takes most new presses several years, namely:

  • Partnered with IPG, one of the top independent book distributors in the world.
  • Established relationships with several of the top NY literary agents.
  • Received national media attention from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, and other top industry publications.
  • Caught the attention of numerous movie and television production studios.
  • Gained subsidiary rights representation throughout the world.
  • Gathered a list of 50 potential bestsellers all over the US and Canada.

What Genres are you looking for at Realm Makers? This conference has the privilege of taking place just after we wrap up our 2017 list, so genre is more or less open season to fill our 2018 list. We are looking for horror for MG, YA, and adult, Adult thrillers and mysteries, Adult love stories with a unique, speculative twist, MG adventure that reallyjollyfishpressblog captures the wonder and imagination of that age (I’d love a M/F best friend scenario), and YA sci-fi thrillers. Pretty much the whole gambit.

What should attendees bring to appointments? I don’t like to read during pitch sessions, so they don’t need to bring anything to give me. If the attendee absolutely prefers to give the pitch in written form initially, it must be extremely short (100 words max). I do recommend bringing a notebook or something to write on and a pen/pencil to jot down any notes as we talk about the pitch/manuscript. I generally like to discuss the story as a whole and sometimes will give advice on direction, structure, etc.

TJ’s Bio: TJ da Roza is the editorial director for Jolly Fish Press, and he’ll take the seed of your manuscript and help it grow into a flower, or tree, or, yes, even a dragon. Stories are life, and TJ has made them his. Without giving you his life story, he has three degrees—English, Psychology, and Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Social Sciences—and has dedicated his life to the craft of spinning a tale. Many of his authors are award-winners; some of their accolades include: The Gold Quill for best young adult novel, the Susan P. Bloom award, Utah Writer of the Year, SCBWI Mentorship Award, and numerous Amazon Best-sellers..