2016 (1)by Volunteer Coordinator Nadine Brandes


Last year was my first time at Realm Makers. I’d been wanting to go since its inaugural year and once I was finally there, I didn’t know what to expect. I walked down to the lobby on the first day when everyone was supposed to arrive and saw a group of Spekkies sitting and stuffing nametags.


Only us oddballs and speculative-fiction geeks can make stuffing nametags fun. (It also helped that some people’s nametags said things like, “Ruling Overlord” and “Sith Master.”) It was one of my first-made Realm Makers memories and now one of my favorites to reflect on. So let’s talk volunteering.




It’s not quite as intense as volunteering for tribute in the Hunger Games, and it’s a lot more fun. (Also we won’t be threatening your little sister with the Hunger Games, should you refuse. You can relax now.) Volunteering allows you to powwow and let your dork out with other volunteer authors you may not have met otherwise.

Those of you who have already registered have been dominating the volunteer slots. Seriously, y’all are awesome and have servants’ hearts.


That being said, we have about 400 people ready to help set up the bookstore and…less than 400 for some other slots. [wink] Here is what we still need:


  • Conference Recording Attendants – as a volunteer, you’ll be checking on voice recorders at the beginning and end of sessions. This will be explained to you. You don’t have to be the inventor of space shuttle coordinates. You don’t even have to be a sci-fi writer. Fantasy writers can do this, too. 😉
  • Appointment Room Timers – So personally, I think this one’s fun. You get to hold the stopwatch and hover over your nervous friends as they go to their one-on-one appointments. Oh wait….I mean, you get to pray for your friends and provide comfort while waving an inter-galactic peace flag to inform them their time is almost up. (Basically…you’re keeping the appointments on time so we don’t run behind schedule.) You’d be signing up for approximately a one hour slot.
  • Classroom Hosts – Who doesn’t want to introduce all the famous author speakers who will be at the conference? (“Hello world, let me introduce J. K. Rowling. Oh, what’s that, Jo? You want us to be besties? Okay then.”) Bonding moment. Networking. C’mon folks, you know you want to do this. 😉


So if you’re ready to pull a Katniss Everdeen…please send an e-mail to RealmMakers2016@gmail.com (subject title: “I volunteer as…volunteer!”) and let us know which of the above slots you’d be willing to cover. This goes for already-registered and not-yet-registered alike. (Though, if you’re not yet registered, um…GO REGISTER ALREADY! Crazy people. 😉 )


Cheers, my fellow spekkies. I’ll save some unstuffed nametags for you. 😉