Well Spekkieis, it is the last post of our Get To Know series. We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to learn about the agents and publishers as much as we have, and that you will take time at the conference to chat with them and get to know them further.

But for now, let’s meet our final agents.


83cb871e-f884-4940-9c4c-8040c7189402Deb Haggerty of Elk Lake Publishing

Tell us a little about your company: 

Elk Lake Publishing was created in Michigan, by a group of visionaries who wanted to publish positive books. The Book Club Network, owners of Book Fun.org and Book Fun Magazine, took over in 2012 with a goal to provide great books for our platform of readers and the Christian marketplace. Our motto is “Publishing the Positive” and we reserve the right to do more than we promised.

What genres are you looking for at Realm Makers?

We are open to all genres, but only those with a recognizable Christian message.elk

What do you expect attendees to bring to appointments?

I would like to see sell sheets and one chapter of their proposed work.

Deb’s Bio: Deb Haggerty is the SVP-Acquisitions and Program Management for Elk Lake Publishing. In addition, Deb reviews Christian books and other media on her blog, Positive Grace (http://PositiveGrace.com). Deb has worked in the industry since 1995 as a speaker, author, and freelance editor. She has taught at many conferences including the CLASSeminar, Glorieta, and the Florida Christian Writer’s Conference. She, her husband – Roy, and Coki the Dog live in Plymouth, MA.


Left to Right: Katie Morford, Amy Williams, Amy Davis. Photo Credit: Katie Morford

The Team of Crosshair Press

Tell us a little about your company:
Crosshair Press is a small traditional publisher founded by four homeschooled women in January 2014. Crosshair Press LLC went into operation in April 2016, with three co-founders at the helm, Amy Williams, Katie Morford, and Amy Davis. We share a passion for mentoring authors and publishing stories filled with adventure and faith, what we consider our “Crosshairs.” Armed with a love for speculative fiction and a desire to help authors reach readers with their words, we began this journey after attending the first Realm Makers conference. The fact that speculative fiction is often overlooked in the traditional Christian market was one of the driving forces that spurred on the founding of Crosshair Press.

We are readers first. We love quality stories with heart and authenticity, so that’s what we crosshairaim to publish. We believe that God has given us this opportunity to not only support spec-fic authors of faith, but also to provide fantastic stories for readers who want encouraging books that don’t back down from real issues, especially when they occur in another dimension!

What genres are you looking for at Realm Makers?

We’re looking for Science Fiction and Fantasy submissions, including space opera, urban fantasy, romantic comedies, and action/adventure. We offer a variety of genres, so please take a look at our website library for a good idea of what we have previously published. Overall, we’re looking for top quality speculative fiction that combines high action and steelfaith-filled stories. Note: While most of our titles bear the Crosshair Press name, we also publish under Steel Rigg, our mature rating imprint. It was created for our edgier fiction that still carries over those spiritual elements. As we attempt to explore real-life themes within fiction, we’ve found that tackling tough issues requires authenticity. For example, no one just says, “Darn,” when his planet blows up – It’s often a tad more dramatic. Within Steel Rigg, we do allow for some profanity, and some graphic themes. Our editors have the final say on what makes the final print, and they are judicious when it comes to choosing our content.

What do you expect attendees to bring to the appointment?

A brief summary of your manuscript, a sample chapter for us to go over (if time allows), and we also want to know about you! Be ready to talk with us about your story, what it means to you, and who you want to reach with its message.

Julie Gwinn of The Seymour Agency

julieTell us a little about your company:

The Seymour Agency was founded by Mary Sue Seymour. She passed away this past March after a long battle with liver cancer. Nicole Resciniti is the senior agent, Lane Heymont and I are also agents with the agency. We represent a variety of authors writing in a variety of genres. We also represent non-fiction, children’s books and film projects.

What genres are you looking for at Realm Makers?

Fantasy, magical realism, speculative, sci-fi, space opera. All with either a strong romance or suspense thread.

What do you expect attendees to bring to the appointment?bg-1-303987

A one-sheet with a brief synopsis and bio. Everything else can be emailed to me after the conference.

Julie’s Bio: Julie Gwinn, currently a literary agent with The Seymour Agency, has more than a decade in Christian publishing including serving as marketing manager then Fiction Publisher for B&H Publishing Group and Marketing Manager for Abingdon Press.

Prior to joining the publishing industry, Gwinn has more than 20 years’ experience in advertising, marketing and public relations. She uses her previous experience to aid her authors at every phase of their publishing plan.

She lives in Nashville, TN, with her husband and two children and also enjoys freelance editing, and DIY projects around the house.

We wish to extend a warm thank you to all of the agents and publishers who will be attending this conference. We cannot wait to fellowship and glean wisdom from you all.