12916948_1103293653034279_3065734273179849812_oTomorrow is the day we’ve all been waiting for. Realm Makers 2016 kicks off with a day of conference fun. An Early Bird with the fabulous SuzyQ, followed by the opening ceremonies and Splickety Kick Off Party! And let me tell you . . . we couldn’t be more excited! More ready, perhaps (the to-do lists seem to be hydras in disguise), but not more excited.

Today, though, we’re packing boxes, sorting T-shirts, loading vans, stuffing bags, organizing, and going about causing general mayhem. Already, attendees have begun to arrive in Philly for a chance to go site seeing or hang with friends. The geeks are taking over Philly–and then Villanova!

Just a few tidbits, reminders, advice–and whatever other information comes from my swirling mind . . .


If you are following us on social media, you can follow along on our Facebook page and Twitter profile. I (Ralene) will be live-tweeting and posting pictures as much as I can to these specifically. However, I won’t be the only one posting the fun . . . so check out the #RealmMakers2016 hashtag! (And if you’re posting . . . use the hashtag!)

#RealmMakers2016REGISTRATION OPENS AT 1 P.M.! And not before . . . The bookstore will open later in the afternoon, once we’ve been able to make sure everyone selling books has their spot and operations are running smoothly. Think of it as those test runs they do with rollercoasters to make sure no one gets stuck at the top of the corkscrew-loop. Please be patient.

You can find most information regarding when/where to check in for housing (and the conference) in the attendee packet that was e-mailed to each registrant. Please check your SPAM folder if you did not receive one. Also, the same information is available in the FILES section of the Realm Makers Consortium on Facebook. (Are you a member yet?) And if you’re not hanging out at the Consortium , one more place you can find all this information is on the Realm Makers website, on the Attendee Documents page.

Pack LAYERS. There’s not always a guarantee we have complete control over the highs and lows at these conferences. (We’ve consulted with the guy who works out the weather, and he says it’s probably going to be in the high 80s with a chance of thunderstorms for the weekend.) Plus, sometimes some people are cold, while others are hot. We can’t accommodate everyone. So, if you know you tend to run on the cold side, pack a sweater.

There is STILL time to signup for the Early Bird with SuzyQ. We’ll also take walk-ins–just be prepared to pay the $50!

Realm Makers Raffle-Don't forget to bring cash!RAFFLE TICKETS: Ralene (me!) will have raffle tickets available for purchase–WITH CASH–starting Thursday evening. Tickets are $1, but there are bundles prices, including a WINGSPAN for $20.

Throughout the conference, there will be at least one person at the registration desk who will be able to answer questions, give directions, or make silly faces at you. If you need to make any changes to your registration (such as how long you’ll be in housing), all those changes can now be made at check in.

There will be mentor signups, as well as photography session signups, at the conference. They are first come, first serve–and you can only sign up for ONE mentor appointment.

Superman, Batman, and Captain America will be meeting in the bookstore for photos on Thursday evening. 🙂 Just kidding! They’ll be in the lobby. Probably having schawarma.

graphicBe looking for a special announcement on Saturday night . . .

And that’s about all . . .

Like I said, the advisory board and planning committee are busy getting everything ready to go for tomorrow. Please pray that we don’t lose our sanity before the conference even starts!

Does anyone have any questions? We’re here to help you out!