2016-07-29_09.19.24Well, ladies, gents, and hobbits, we’re wrapping up another successful Realm Makers conference. Each year, I see the conference getting better and better: great workshops, deeper discussions, more networking . . . just bigger, better, and more. God is doing amazing things with our little niche in the world. (Which, by the way, is not as small as some may think!)


In fact, here are a few highlights from some of the wonderful people who work behind the scenes . . .


Becky Minor, Realm Makers Director and Advisory Board

Seeing so many in attendance so completely blown away by being with friends and learning together.

Scott Minor, Realm Makers Co-Director and Advisory Board

My highlight was getting to announce the details of next year’s conference. A lot of hard work and careful consideration went into the planning behind it.

2016-07-31_08.55.13Ralene Burke, Marketing Maven and Advisory Board

I didn’t get to sit in on many of the workshops and other stuff this year, but I did catch most of Thom Black’s motivational talk. Amazing stuff. He had me tearing up just a bit there at the end. But, really, the highlight for me is getting to see familiar faces, meet new friends, and deepen relationships. Every year, it’s like a reunion of my favorite people in the world (besides my family, of course).

OH, another highlight for me was getting to announce the raffle ticket winners. Just getting to make someone smile–or do barrel rolls–was such a fun experience.

Ben Wolf, MC and Advisory Board

Does being the center of attention count? I had a blast (pun intended) at the Nerf war. It was probably even more fun this year than it was last year.

Nadine Brandes, Volunteer Coordinator

I have too many to choose a favorite.
– Doing and escape room with Realmies the day before the conference (and escaping!)
– Winning the Excellence in Editing Award
– Catching only 30 minutes of Steve Laube’s continuing session yet returning home totally transformed.
– Mentor sessions with brilliant and impassioned writers.

Gretchen Engel, Housing Coordinator

Reconnecting with everyone! Getting to sightsee with some Realmies pre-conference and the cheesesteak run. Suzy Q Early Bird.

Bethany Kaczmarek, Awards Director

Steve Laube’s session was super refreshing and perspective altering. Powerful.
But I came home talking about Carla’s fight workshop.


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If you have a post about Realm Makers 2016 that isn’t listed here, please feel free to leave a link to your post in the comments.


What was your highlight from Realm Makers 2016? If you weren’t able to attend, did you follow along in the various social media outlets?