Now that we’re all home and recovered from our summers of fun, it’s time to get down to business. It’s time to get serious about our writing. And what’s one of the many ways to improve our writing? That’s right–with continued education and inspiration. And where do we get that? Well, there are many places, but we’re talking about the Realm Makers 2016 audio sessions!

We are so excited to be able to offer a much more complete list of sessions from this year’s Realm Makers conference. Over 30 HOURS OF CONTENT! And from amazing experts and authors like Thomas Locke, Tosca Lee, Steve Laube, Mike Duran, and more. Who wouldn’t want to learn at the feet of such mentors?


If you did NOT attend the conference . . .

Why should you purchase the audio? We’ll let a few of the attendees share with you a bit of what you missed.

“If you are a writer of speculative fiction, EVERY course is geared toward what you are writing. There is no content that you would find irrelevant.” – Scott Minor, Operations Manager for Realm Makers

rm-306“Tosca’s class on characterization. ‘Nuff said.” -Amy Brock McNew, author of Rebirth

“Every writer who loves speculative fiction, regardless of whether they write it or not, can find a workshop from this year’s conference that will inspire and instruct. The teachers were phenomenal. It all came together with a little bit of something for everyone.” -Ralene Burke, author of Bellanok and Marketing Director for Realm Makers

“You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.” – Sara James, author

“The most interesting accountant in the world . . .” (Not that he’s biased or anything.) But, more seriously: “There is an amazing combination of inspirational sessions and nuts&bolts sessions.” -Chris Morris, author and CPA

“Same great taste, without the travel headaches.” -Jason Joyner, author

“Listening to Davis Bunn (Thomas Locke) will make you feel like you can do it AND show you how.” -Celesta Thiessen, author

“Buy the audio and have Tosca rip your soul bare.” -Aaron Demott, author of A New Threat


If you DID attend the conference . . . 

Why should you purchase the audio? Well, there’s still many reasons, and some Realmies wanted to make sure you knew.

“Because there’s so much great information in each class that you can’t possibly comprehend it all in one sit-through. The recording allow you to go deeper and catch EVERYTHING as many times as you need.” -Nadine Brandes, author of Out of Time series

rm-337“Because we have not yet perfected human cloning, so there’s no way anyone could have possibly been in every session. That means there’s several hours of excellent instruction Every. Person. Ever. missed out on.” -Lindsay Franklin, author and Faculty Director for Realm Makers

“If you want to always and forever hold this piece of RM history on your computer.” -Adrienne Niceley, author

“I went and I want the audio, especially for the classes I couldn’t attend.” -Sara Grimm, author of Scarlet Moon

“Unless you’re 5 clones with a hive mind or you stole Hermione’s time turner, how can you hit all the sessions? In retrospect — with the audio recordings!” -Michelle Levigne, author



The complete session audio is $149.95 BUT for today only (9/16), you can get $25 off of the complete session using the code in the graphic above.

Individual sessions are $40 for continuing sessions (6 hours each) and $20 for electives and panels (1 hour each).



As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for any writer to purchase all, or some, of the audio from Realm Makers 2016. Did you know you can find interviews with all of our faculty in the “Into the Mind of . . .” series?

Why do YOU think a writer should purchase the audio from Realm Makers 2016?



If you have any questions, please let us know.