Horse_Race_Starting_Gate_(14304242538)Yes folks, the day has arrived. We’re ready for you all to register, tell friends to register, and squee to anyone who will listen that you registered. You’ll find the official page to go through the registration process


If you haven’t visited our main site for conference information, please stop by to get all the particulars on the conference. You’ll find session descriptions, faculty bios, and more on the site.

The burning question I know people are going to start to ask is: “What about housing and food? I don’t see that included on the registration form.”

The University of Missouri St Louis, our venue, handles conference housing on their own without us acting as a middle man. If you want to stay on the college campus during the conference, you’ll need to visit our housing page on the conference site and follow the instructions there. You’ll find a fillable PDF to complete in order to reserve rooms, request roommates, and elect the meals that the conference proper doesn’t provide.

The second question I know people will be asking is: “What about appointments to pitch my manuscript?” Yes, we’re offering them with our editors and agents in attendance, and that will be handled by our appointments coordinator over the coming weeks. After you register, keep an eye out for an email explaining how to sign up for appointments.

If you run across issues or concerns, please email us at, and we will address your need as soon as humanly possible. (This probably means about a three day turnaround on questions, so please be patient with us!)

I hope you’re as excited as we are about this year’s conference, because it’s going to be the best one ever.

Your mission, should you choose to accept…

As a final request, I have a mission for you. If you register or are planning on it, please share, tweet, and otherwise make a lot of noise on social media about it. Word of mouth is always going to be our best way to help new folks learn of the conference, so please consider being part of our informal social media militia to get people out for this year’s event.

See you in August!