Chila WoychikWe at the Faith and Fantasy Alliance are very excited that Chila Woychik,  captain-at-the-helm of the incomparable Port Yonder Press, will serve on the faculty of Realm Makers: 2013. If you’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions about the industry and the art of writing, Chila should be your go-to gal. Today, we’d like to spotlight just what sort of wisdom Chila will be sharing during her session: Why Christians Should Write for the Mainstream Market, and How to Do it Well. An enthusiastic proponent of crossover literature, Chila promises to give us much to chew on. Read on for a taste of Chila’s vision…

Chila didn’t get into publishing with “crossover” in mind, but it came about as a natural extension of her love for good, generally wholesome, stories which contain memorable characters and beautiful language. Her resolve grew when the Christian manuscripts she received were far from convincing. But she was a Christian, was in contact with Christian agents and publishers, and had become an outlet for Christian authors; she couldn’t disappoint them all, could she? But the journey had begun.

This small press owner attempts to help Christians understand the importance of integrating into society rather than isolating oneself from it, the “in the world but not of the world” mandate. She believes it can and should be a part of our writing goals for several reasons: “they” won’t come to “us,” and getting involved in the larger writing community is a great way to gain the skills and affirmation needed to put out strong lasting works.

Chila will also give a few solid tips on ways to make that happen such as what to focus on when beginning a new project and who to keep in mind as our potential audience (not necessarily the “unsaved”). She’s looking forward to lively but civil, kind, discussion on this crucial topic, as well as receiving a few bang-up queries for solid crossover/mainstream spec fic novels.

I know we’re excited to offer this session to Realm Makers attendees. I hope you’re as thrilled to take part as we are to foster the conversation.

Realm Makers registration opens on May 1st, 2013. Visit for anything and everything there is to know about the conference. Updates coming daily.