Attention science fiction aficionados!
Grace BridgesWe at the Faith and Fantasy Alliance are very excited to offer you some quick details on the session Splashdown Books head-honcho Grace Bridges will be teaching at the conference. Yes, she will be flying all the way in from Middle Earth…I mean, New Zealand. What would be more appropriate than having the one-and-only Space Kiwi teach on Science Fiction? Here’s a short description of her session:
From Real Science to a Rich SF World
Worldbuilding in science fiction can seem a daunting task. In this session Grace explains how she took a simple concept, literally picked a star and constructed a planetary system based on scientific fact while frequently crossing into the fantastical. You’ll hear all about the Avenir Eclectia collaborative project that grew from this, its science and background, and have the chance to join in yourself!
So as you can see, our aim is to offer a little something for everyone at the conference, so if space freighters and lightspeed are your thing, you won’t want to miss Grace’s session.
Hope to see you there!