As we’ve been gathering faculty for Realm Makers, I was especially excited to learn that author Kathy Tyers was going to be able to join us. This being our first year out, I wasn’t sure if bigger-name authors like Kathy would see us as “small potatoes” and be unable to sacrifice the time and energy it would take to come to the conference. But after working a few logistics and saying more than a few prayers, it worked out that Ms. Tyers would indeed come to teach in August.

Kathy TyersOne of the reasons it’s exciting to me she’ll be teaching is that she has worked on both sides of the CBA/ABA fence. Kathy’s wisdom on what it’s like to write for a major franchise (she’s written in the Star Wars universe) will be valuable to many in attendance, I’m sure. Her flip-side experience of writing for indie Christian publishing will round out her perspective for those who hope to explore that side of the book industry.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about the faculty we have lined up, and if you are and haven’t registered yet, you better get moving. We’re 70% sold out, and we have just 9 days left of early bird pricing before the registration cost rises to  $235.


Hope to see you there!