It’s a hot topic among conferees, as well it should be:

Will I be able to pitch my manuscript at the conference?

The answer: yes. As to which editors and agents will be looking at manuscripts, they are…

  • Jeff Gerke-Marcher Lord Press
  • Grace Bridges-Splashdown Books
  • Randy Streu-Diminished Media Group
  • Amanda Luedeke-MacGregor Literary (virtual appointments via Skype or similar platform)

These editors will be taking 15 minute appointments, which will assigned by lottery, due to the relatively limited nature of the number of appointments available.

How do you enter this lottery?

Starting July 15, you should send the following information, in the body of an email, to info[at]faithandfantasyalliance[dot]com:

  • Your name
  • Title of your book
  • Word Count
  • Genre/subgenre
  • First Choice editor/agent for appointment
  • Second Choice editor/agent  for appointment

How many appointments we are able to give each conferee will be dependent upon how many submit for the lottery–I apologize that we can’t make any guarantees up front.

PLEASE NOTE: You must submit your choices no later than midnight, July 20th. No submissions after this point will be able to be considered.

You will find out who your appointments are with when you check in either Thursday night or Friday morning of the conference

What if I don’t have a manuscript to submit at this point?

Maybe an author mentoring appointment is better for you. These will also be 15 minute appointments, where you have the chance to “pick the brain” of a published author of speculative fiction. Authors taking mentoring appointments are:

  • Bryan Davis
  • Kat Heckenbach
  • Kathy Tyers
  • Kristen Stieffel
  • L B Graham
  • Suzanne Hartmann
  • Matt Yocum (taking appointments to specifically talk about turning ideas into comics)

For mentoring appointments, submit:

  • Your name
  • Genres you write in
  • A sentence or two about where you are in your writing journey: just starting, finished a manuscript, shopping for a publisher, published…
  • First choice for mentoring
  • Second choice for mentoring

So there you have it. Polish up those manuscripts, get your questions ready, and send that email between July 15th and 20th. You’ve got nothing to lose!