Spekkies, are you preparing to enter our contests? The Realm Makers contest season is nearly upon us.

PrintThe goal of the Faith and Fantasy Alliance is to pursue excellence in artistry for the faith-based speculative fiction community. We want to draw attention to true art—both in writing and cover design.

The more we celebrate superior skill, the more authors and artists will strive for it–wholeheartedly–because it does reflect our faith. We are creatives who emulate the Creator. There’s nothing sub-par about that. This is why these three contests are significant.

On New Year’s Day, two gates open: a gate for authors and a gate for cover artists.

Opening Iron Gate

Let’s look beyond Gate Number One:

If you’re the author of a speculative fiction book published for the first time in 2015, you may want to enter the Realm Makers’ Genre Awards. Submissions will be accepted for these five categories:





Supernatural / Horror

The winner of each category will be declared champion of their genre and entered into the final round. One of them will be declared the Faith and Fantasy Alliance Book of the Year and receive… (drumroll)

The Realm Award.

For more details on how to enter these two 2015 published novel contests, click here.

Closed Wooden Gate

And now, beyond Gate Number Two:

For the artists among us, there exists the Parable Award. If you designed the cover art for a speculative fiction book published in 2015 (or if you are the author of the book), you may enter the cover art as an image file. For more information on this award, click here.

Have you seen a cover that grabbed your attention or read a book published in 2015 that blew your mind? Let the author know and encourage them to enter!


Here’s to work that is genuinely well done. And thanks to greenfinger and ricorocks for the images.